Large Diameter Aluminium Bonding Wire

Large Diameter Aluminium Bonding Wire Key Features

  • Large diameter aluminium bonding wire up to 99.999% purity
  • Used in high power / high current applications
  • Diameters from 125µm (0.005″) to 500µm (0.020″)
  • Low cost alternative to gold, especially suited to the automotive industry

Aluminium wire is used throughout the electronics industry due to its low cost, its suitability for ultrasonic wedge bonding, and the elimination of “purple plague” that is associated with gold wire bonded to aluminium pads / substrates.

Heavy / large aluminium bonding wire for microelectronics is drawn from one of three materials: 5/9’s pure aluminium, 4/9’s pure aluminium, or 0.5% Mg aluminium alloy. 4/9’s wire is doped with nickel to increase corrosion resistance, making it the material-of-choice for most applications. For very high power applications, 5/9’s wire is preferred due its increased elongation, making the wire softer and therefore easier to bond.

The 5/9’s, 4/9’s and 0.5% Mg aluminium wires each exhibit unique properties, which can be used to overcome any unusual bonding conditions that may be experienced.

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