Solder Preforms & Ribbon and Metal Stampings by Coining

Coining manufactures the complete range of solder alloys, including Au-based alloys for eutectic die and substrate attach, Bismuth- & Indium-based alloys, and tin / lead materials where required. Gold / tin preforms and ribbon, used extensively in the RF and Photonics industries, can be made as thin as 12.5µm (0.0005″).

Coining is also one of the world’s leaders in high-precision metal stampings and clad materials used to solder or connect electronic circuitry, dissipate heat, or provide an interface for an electronic connection. Many of their products are supplied in Tape-on-Reel or waffle pack for automated loading, and are packed in a Class 10,000 clean room.

Typical products include Aluminium-clad Copper bond pads, Kovar bond islands, Molybdenum tabs, Copper / Invar / Copper ribbon and preforms, and Gold / Germanium (88/12) clad Kovar discs.

A wide range of tooling exists, allowing the customer to keep costs to a minimum.

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Die Bonding, Material Interconnect, Heat Dissipation, Thermal Interface, Package Construction & Sealing, Attaching, Soldering etc.

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Semiconductor Production, Military & Aerospace, Telecommunications, Medical Electronics, Photonics Components, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Back-end Assembly, PCB Assembly Industries, Universities, Passive Component Manufacturing, Medical Devices

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Available from Inseto in the United Kingdom, Ireland & Nordic Region

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