Solder Preforms & Ribbon

Solder Preforms & Ribbon Key Features

  • Complete range of lead-free alloys
  • Au-based for eutectic processing (AuSn, AuGe & AuSi)
  • More than 15,000 tools available, all made in-house
  • Shapes include squares, rectangles, discs, washers, frames & complex custom shapes
  • Thicknesses as small as 5µm (0.0002″) (alloy dependent)

Coining manufactures high quality preforms in all shapes and sizes, including gold-based eutectic die attach solder preforms, e.g. gold tin, gold germanium, gold silicon, etc. Other alloys are also available, which are used to connect electronic circuitry, package electronic circuitry, dissipate heat, or provide an interface for an electronic connection.

For R&D prototype volumes, Coining supplies solder ribbon to the required width and thickness so that the customer can cut the ribbon into the various shapes that may be required in the early stages of a program, when exact die / component sizes may be unknown. This allows for cost-effective R&D, followed by building a tool to the correct size once production is about to commence.

Coining’s fabrication capability is limited only by the physical constraints of the material that is being made. Essentially, if a shape is possible, Coining can make it, quickly, precisely and efficiently.

Coining utilises its in-house tooling department to review, design and build tooling to customer specifications. Coining also uses progressive dies to create a variety of 3 dimensional configurations and uses EDM-built tools to provide extraordinary precision and variety to the geometries of their parts.

They have a wealth of experience manufacturing parts with overall tolerances of ±12.5µm (0.0005″) to ±1.25µm (0.005″) and thickness tolerances of ±2.3µm (0.0001″) to ±12.5µm (0.0005″). Coining has made parts as small as 100µm (0.004″) with a tolerance of ±12.5µm (0.0005″).

Precision stampings are a hallmark of Coining.

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