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ADT manufacture an extensive range of high-quality, annular dicing blade types, also known as hubless blades, to suit a wide variety of cutting and scribing applications, including dicing ceramic (LTCC, Alumina etc.) glass, metals, sapphire, ferrite and silicon etc.

ADT’s continually develop their annular dicing blades to provide reduced wear and improved life with high dimensional accuracy, resulting in precision dicing and excellent cost-of-ownership (CoO).

Choosing the right blade to suit your application is crucial to the success of your dicing process. To offer the widest range of process capabilities, ADT produces three different product families of dicing blade, which are composed of abrasive materials embedded in either resin or metal matrix, including: resin blades, nickel blades and metal sintered blades.

Resin bond Blades are cured under pressure and high temperature, Metal-bond Blades are sintered and Nickel-bond Blades are manufactured using a tightly controlled electroforming process.

For information on annular dicing blade properties that should be considered when selecting a blade type, please look at our Knowledge Based Fact Sheet here.

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