Metal-Bond (Sintered) Blades

Metal-Bond (Sintered) Blades Key Features

  • Slower wear rate than Resin but faster than Nickel
  • The widest variety of matrixes for a broad range of applications
  • Less wear/higher blade life
  • Highly accurate blade dimensions
  • Blade thickness varies from 3 mil to 60 mil
  • Diamond grit size ranges from 2 microns to 70 microns

In a unique close-mold sintering process, diamond grit size, diamond concentration and metal binder are optimized to meet the precision and blade life requirements of your specific application.

The metal binder provides a very stable, stress-free blade matrix and can be custom tailored to meet the required hardness and load resistance for dicing a variety of applications.

With a slower wear rate than Resin but faster than Nickel, Metal-Bond (Sintered) dicing blades are best suited for retaining package shape and size in applications such as BGA, Soft Alumina, TiC, LTCC and Ferrite.

Please contact us with your specific application or dicing blade requirements.

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