Resin-Bond Dicing Blades

Resin-Bond Dicing Blades Key Features

  • Resin bond dicing blades provide superior cut quality
  • Ideal for cutting hard/brittle materials: Ceramic, Quartz, Glass QFN HTCC etc.
  • Resin blade thickness varies from 3 to 100 mil (depending on diamond grit size)
  • Diamond grit size ranges from 3 to 250 microns (depending on blade thickness)

ADT’s Resin-bond Dicing Blades are manufactured through a unique proprietary molding process, providing exceptional dimensional stability and repeatability.

When cutting hard and brittle materials, the edge of the blade wears out at a controlled rate exposing new diamonds to constantly sharpen the blade and thus achieve highly accurate kerf, outstanding yield and exceptional blade life.

As Resin-bond dicing blades wear off faster, they create less heat & friction and are therefore best suited for such materials as alumina, glass and quartz.

An extensive range of standard and custom manufactured resin dicing blades are available, from 2″ to 5″ diameter and from 0.003 to 0.1″ in thickness, with serrated edges for specific applications. Diamond grit sizes vary from 3 to 200 microns.

Please contact us with your specific application or dicing blade requirements.

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