Ex-Stock Semiconductor Metal, Ceramic and Plastic Packages and Lids

Ex-Stock Semiconductor Packages and Lids Key Features

  • Extensive range of hermetic and plastic packages and lids in stock
  • Full traceability on all items
  • Ideal for universities, research institutes, prototyping and test requirements
  • Power Transistor Outline (TO) Packages
  • Hybrid Packages – Ceramic and Metal
  • Ceramic Pin Grid Array Packages (CPGA)
  • Ceramic Quad Flat Pack (CQFP)
  • Ceramic Small Outline Packages (CSOP)
  • Flat Packs
  • Ceramic Small Outline Packages (CSOP)
  • Cerquads – EIJA and JEDEC
  • Cerpacs
  • J Lead Chip Carriers Ceramic
  • Leadless Chip Carriers (LCC)
  • Side Braze Packages
  • Microwave Transistor (Micro-T) Packages
  • Plastic Equivalent Packages
  • Plastic Pin Grid Array Packages (PPGA)
  • Lids for above packages etc.

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High Reliability Hermetic Glass And Ceramic Sealed Assemblies, High Reliability Glass Sealed Feed-Throughs, Ceramic Feed-Throughs, Microwave Assemblies, Detonator Fuses, Vacuum Seals, Optical Component Headers, Hermetic Switch Components, High Pressure Connectors, Military & Civil Aviation Connectors, Custom Sight Glass Windows, Die Bonding Sub-Mounts, Heat Dissipation / Heatsinks, Thermal Interface, Microwave Carriers, LDMOS, Power and Bi-Polar RF Transistor Packages, Laser Diode Substrates, Mounts and Blocks, RF Transistor Flanges and Bases, Seal Frames, Hermetic Packages & Enclosures, High Speed Digital Packages

Industry Segments

Microelectronic / Hybrid Assembly Industries, Semiconductor Assembly / Back-end Assembly etc., Fibre Optics / Photonic Assembly, Microwave Electronics, Military & Civil Aviation, Telecommunications, Satellite / Space Electronics, Oil Exploration & Production, Wireless Internet Infrastructure, Aerospace, Industrial, Power Semiconductor Assembly etc.


Available from Inseto throught Europe.

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