Hermetic Power Packages

Hermetic Power Packages Key Features

  • Choice of glass sealing or ceramic sealing technologies
  • Wide range of thermal management base materials
  • Pin materials include copper-cored-Kovar

Egide’s range of hermetic power packages is designed to meet demanding environmental requirements, where high reliability and strength are essential.

Typical applications include power converters, motor drives, switch mode power supplies, power hybrid circuits, and power thrusters for military, aeronautic and space applications. Using either glass-to-metal-seal (GTMS) or ceramic-to-metal-seal (CTMS) feed-thru technology, they are available as standard product form types (TO-254, TO-257, …) or specifically designed to meet customers’ requirements.

Copper-cored pins allow for high current ratings that meet the most demanding applications.

Thermal conductivity is assured by choosing the base material of choice – Tungsten-Copper or Moly-Copper are the usual customer choice, but other highly-thermally conductive base materials are also available.

  • Hermetic Power Packages

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