Optoelectronic Packages

Optoelectronic Packages Key Features

  • Wide range of fibre-optic packages
  • Markets include submarine, long-haul, metro, etc.
  • Mix of technologies – metal, HTCC, GTMS, CTMS
  • Dedicated customer-facing Field Application Engineering department

Over the last 2 decades, opto-electronic devices have found their way into various applications like high-speed telecommunication networks, data center interconnection, gas sensing, thermal imaging, gyroscopes, etc. High-speed fiber-optic networks have increased the need for high density complex interconnection solutions. 

Egide’s multilayer high-temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) technology, together with complete in-house RF simulation capabilities, makes it a unique player in the market for high frequency / high bit rate packages used for 100G & 400G TOSA/ROSA and modulator designs.

Opto-electronic sensors are used in a wide variety of applications, some of which are in harsh environmental conditions. Egide’s hermetic packaging technology, ensuring protection and interconnection of the opto-electronic ICs, meets the most stringent requirements that these environments impose. Examples are gas sensing in industrial environment, fiber-optic gyroscopes, etc.

Both GTMS (glass-sealed) and CTMS (ceramic-sealed) options are offered, as well as in-house manufactured RF terminals and DC pin assemblies.

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