Semiconductor Wafers and Substrates by Inseto

Following the acquisition of IDB Technologies, a specialist supplier of high-quality silicon and silica semiconductor wafers to the University, Research and Industrial sectors, Inseto can now supply a wide range of wafer and substrate materials worldwide, with rapid delivery from our large UK inventory.

We also supply pre processed Si wafers with oxidised and nitride coatings, grid patterns and offer custom processing and wafer dicing on a rapid turnaround. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and to discuss your specific wafer needs, as we are able to provide support on choosing the best wafer or substrate for your particular requirements.

Service enhancements now include:

  • Larger ship from stock inventory
  • More dry wafer storage capacity
  • Brand new wafer packaging & shipping facility
  • Enhanced technical support
  • Faster quotations with more support personnel
  • Extended shipping cut-off times
  • Improved order tracking console
  • Wafer processing and supply accredited to ISO 9001

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a selection guide to wafer properties.


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Graphene, Power Electronics, Medical Devices, CMOS, Microfluidics, MEMS Devices, Sensors, Renewable, Energy Harvesting etc.

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Semiconductor & Related Research and Manufacturing, Coating Development, Adhesion Testing etc.


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