Glass and Silica Wafer

Glass and Silica Wafer Key Features

  • Borosilicate or Alumino Silicate Glass & Fused Silica Wafer
  • Fused Quartz wafers, JGS2 and single crystal Quartz Wafers
  • Available in 2″ to 200mm Diameters or Rectangular Sizes
  • Double Side Polished, Thickness ≥200 µm
  • Custom Coatings, Processing and Dicing
  • Supply and Shipment Worldwide from Stock

Inseto supplies and stocks an extensive range of glass and fused silica wafer including Borosilicate glass, alumino silicate glass and fused silica. We offer a full dicing service on these glass wafers also with no minimum order quantity and a rapid turnaround on delivery.

  • Glass and fused silica wafers from 2” to 200mm dia from stock
  • Polished to 20/10 MIL standard for the smoothest surfaces
  • Edge rounded for safe secure handling
  • Pre-cleaned wafers available
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Wafer dicing available to any die size

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for application and echnical advice, if you need assistance specifying your wafers.

Product range overview

Typical Glass and Silica Wafers:

Our in house expertise is available for you to use to define the process and materials that you need; let us know what you are working on and we are available to help you specify the correct materials.

  • Diameters: 2″ (50.8 mm), 3″ (76.2 mm), 100, 125, 150 and 200 mm
  • Also available in Square formats
  • Materials: Borofloat, Fused Silica and Quartz, JGS2, Single Xtal Quartz
  • Other materials include: BK7, Eagle XG, Soda Lime and B270
  • Thickness: ≥200 µm
  • Surface Finish: Single or Double Side Polished
  • Surface Quality (S/D): From 20/10 to 80/50
  • Surface Roughness: Ra 6-12 Å
  • Silica Wafers for Semiconductor and Related Research

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Graphene, Power Electronics, Medical Devices, CMOS, Microfluidics, MEMS Devices, Sensors, Renewable, Energy Harvesting etc.

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Semiconductor & Related Research and Manufacturing, Coating Development, Adhesion Testing etc.


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