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Koartan Microelectronic Interconnect Materials manufactures environmentally-friendly thick film materials, including pastes and glazes, in addition to supplying a variety of specialty powders and nano-powders for scientific and manufacturing purposes.

Koartan’s thick film materials for the microelectronic hybrid manufacturing and related industries, include an extensive range of silver, gold and copper conductors, resistors, NTC and PTC thermistors, multilayer, cross-over, and capacitor dielectrics, sealing glasses, AlN-compatible pastes, thin-print, etchable, and nickel platable conductors. Koartan also offers an extensive range of Pb-free and RoHS-compliant materials.

KOARTAN is a vertically integrated thick film material manufacturer, with its own capabilities in glass making and powder precipitation technologies. It operates fully-capable research and development, quality control, and technical service laboratories, as well as manufacturing, at its facility in Randolph, New Jersey.

Koartan has an extensive line of standard off-the-shelf products, but in addition to this, they have also developed hundreds of custom formulations for specific customer applications.

Koartan Thick Film Materials Manufacturer

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Thick Film Material Applications

Microelectronic Devices, Microwave Devices, Heating Elements, Printable Resistors & Thermistors

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Microelectronic / Hybrid Assembly, Photonic Devices, Microwave Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Wireless Telecommunications, Data Processing, Instrumentation, Military, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics

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