Microelectronic Thick Film AIN Pastes

Microelectronic Thick Film AIN Pastes Key Features

  • Complete suite of materials for Aluminium Nitride (AlN) substrates
  • Tight TCR controls for high power applicaitons
  • CTE-matched for excellent adhesion over a wide temperature range
  • Range of resistivities available

Koartan’s range of thick film pastes for use on AlN are blendable across the whole series and are completely lead-free. With resistivities from 100 mΩ/Sq to 3 Ω/Sq, these materials offer tight TCR controls and excellent power handling capabilities.

For heaters and other applications where a tight TCR is not required, Koartan offers the 798X series of pastes. With similar resistivities to the 796X series, the 798X series has a TCR of 300ppm ± 100ppm, suitable for more cost-sensitive products.

Koartan also offers conductive pastes specifically engineered for applications requiring high adhesion to AlN. These materials also come in a range of different resistivities – the 6292 Silver-Palladium paste has a resistivity of 18 – 22 mΩ/Sq, while the 6122 Silver paste has a resistivity of 3 – 4 mΩ/Sq.

Finally, to protect the fired circuitry of the sensitive AlN-compatible pastes, Koartan has developed a special over-glaze material, 5662. This paste fires at 600 – 650ºC and prevents the oxidisation of Palladium that normally occurs when firing higher temperature glazes, thereby significantly reducing the resistivity shift from as much as 20% or more, to ± 1%.

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