Thick Film Resistors & Thermistors

Thick Film Resistors & Thermistors Key Features

  • Resistor, NTC- & PTC-thermistor materials
  • Suitable for low to high power applications
  • AlN-compatible resistors that are CTE-matched

Koartan offers a complete range of resistor, NTC- & PTC-thermistor blendable inks with resistivities from 50 mΩ/Sq up to 1 GΩ/Sq, depending on the application. Base materials include Silver Palladium and Ruthenium Oxide.

The 732X series is suitable for fabrication of discrete surface mount components, for integrating temperature sensing, impedance matching, current limiting or switching sub-circuitry, with large Beta constant & small hysteresis.

The 738X series offers a stacked NTC thermistor system designed to greatly enhance temperature sensitivity over standard “planar” systems. It also allows passive incremental laser trimming, providing electrical conduction through the thermistor in the Z direction.

The 74XX series of PTC thermistor pastes is designed primarily for temperature sensing and compensation applications. However, their ability to withstand high voltage and moderately elevated temperatures also makes them useful for self-regulating heater elements.

Both the 76XX & 79XX series of resistors are primarily used in the fabrication of high power IC and resistor networks. However, they can also be used for high-voltage surge protection circuitry in telecomms applications. The 79XX series offer a tight TCR.

The 7961 & 7981 series of silver-palladium resistors are specially designed for use with aluminium nitride (AlN), as they are CTE-matched to this difficult-to-adhere-to ceramic.

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