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Applied Thin-Film Products (ATP) is an ISO-9001 & AS-9100-certified manufacturer of high quality metalised thin film circuits. Using substrate material from blue-chip manufacturers, ATP transforms customer designs into finished product by using 100% in-house processes that ensure the highest quality. These processes include mask generation, sputtering and plating, laser drilling / resistor trimming, complete Via capability, Polyimide air bridges, and AuSn deposition.

ATP’s high quality thin film circuits are typically used on substrates such as As-Fired Alumina, Aluminium Nitride, Fused Silica / Quartz & Silicon, etc., with metalisations including TaN/TiW/Au & films including Ni, Pd & Ti. ATP offers highest quality products and quick turn-around times depending on customers’ specific requirements.

ATP is fully compliant with RoHS and REACH.

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Thin Film Substrates and Device, Metalised Blocks, Laser Diode Sub Mounts, Photodiode Mounts, Chip Mounts, Wire Bond Standoffs, Cooler Spacers, Ceramic Spacers, Microwave Metalized Circuits, RF Circuits, High Frequency Devices

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Military & Aerospace, Telecommunications, Fibre Optics, Photonics, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Space & Research, General Power Electronics, Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV), Military & Aerospace, Avionics, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Mass Transit etc.

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Available from Inseto in the United Kingdom, Ireland & Nordic Region

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