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ATP offers an assortment of products for different applications. These include inductor coils that have been modeled and optimised using advanced CAD tools to produce data and graphs to help engineers utilise these devices in their own thin-film or hybrid designs. These printed inductors can be used in a wide variety of applications from DC and RF filtering to gain shaping and equalisation circuits. Engineering kits are available which contain the entire product line in one complete package to meet all prototyping needs.

ATP also offers three different types of 50Ω transmission lines: single line, single line with two rows of tuning pads, and single line with four rows of tuning pads. ATP Transmission Lines have a fixed width and adjustable lengths, and no mask purchase is required. Lines are continuous and can therefore be diced to any size. In-stock lengths are in 0.010″ (0.254mm) increments, up to 0.500″ (12.70mm). There is no pull-back in the design, so parts may occasionally have burrs / tails since dicing is carried out through the gold. Engineering kits are also available.

Stand-offs & Isolation Pads can be used as a capacitive standoff, component mounting isolation pad, landing pads to reduce bond wire and DC bias wire lengths, gap pedestals for aligning component heights, and many other useful configurations. There is no pull-back in the design, so parts may occasionally have burrs / tails since dicing is carried out through the gold.

Bond pad test coupons are a platform that allows for organising and tracking wirebond pull data on a daily and monthly basis. The coupon is designed as a calendar to maintain daily & monthly test results of each wirebonder on the assembly line. Each pad maintains the bond pulls done on a daily basis, allowing a new set of bonds to be added each day throughout the month. The coupon offers the ability to mark or scribe specific information on it such as the month samples are from and which wirebonder they were performed on. 

Surface finish and bond strength are key attributes of good quality metalisation. ATP offers the opportunity to evaluate a wide range of metalisation schemes on different substrate materials so that customers can see in advance the quality of the product on offer from ATP.

ATP offers a range of thin-film resistors and resistor networks as stand-alone products, forming an integrated solution for RF circuits and Optical carriers. Multiple values are available, including ladder and multi-tap configurations, suitable for most engineering and production application needs.

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