Applied Thin-Film Products – Technology Overview

ATP’s technological capabilities include Polyimide-supported bridges, solder dams, laser diode submounts, plated and solid-filled Vias, edge wraps, and gold bumps.

Polyimide bridges provide a dramatically improved alternative to traditional wire bonding or standard air bridges. Because bridge height, length and overall placement are very consistent and durable, optimum performance can be easily repeated which can minimise or eliminate test and tune time. Typical bridge height is 3 – 6┬Ám.

ATP offers photo-definable Polyimide and Metal solder dams. Polyimide is non-conductive. Typical metals include TaN, TiW, Ni & Pd.

ATP custom fabricates thin-film submounts with tightly controlled substrate and metal thicknesses, with pre-deposited and patterned AuSn, on highly thermally conductive AlN. The AuSn can be either sputtered or plated. Four standard test profiles are available in order to match as closely as possible the customer’s assembly process.

Via holes through the substrate material allow for connections between the top and bottom surfaces, allowing for a convenient means of obtaining a ground return through the substrate. Assembly concerns are addressed by eliminating epoxy and solder bleed onto the surfaces with either Polyimide or solid-filled Vias. Solid-filled Vias provide a low inductance ground path on both sides. Filled Vias can also act as a thermal pathway for two-sided signal interconnects.

Edge metalisation can be an alternative to Vias or slotted wraps. Edge-defined and indented edge wraps can be photo-definable.

ATP provides gold bumping for Flip Chip Assembly. These offer improved electrical performance at higher frequencies by inverting a compatible device directly onto the gold bumps. The bumps are a high-purity plated gold, made using a photolithographic process that ensures precise, repeatable placement onto the circuit.

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