Reflow Soldering Thermodes

Reflow Soldering Thermodes Key Features

  • Materials include Mo, W, CuW, CuCr & GlidCop
  • Extensive range of plugs and thermocouples
  • Low MOQ’s for design optimisation

Resistance Reflow Soldering is a hot bar bonding process ( thermocompression bonding) in which heat is produced by passing an electrical current through either the parts which are to be soldered or through a thermode (reflow soldering tip) which heats the parts by conduction. The amount of heat produced and the force applied by the thermode are carefully controlled. The solder required at the joint is applied, in controlled amounts, in the form of solder paste, solder pre-forms, or by reflowing the solder on pre-tinned parts. Flux or a cover gas is generally required for production line resistance reflow soldering, although some users report acceptable results without using either.

AIT has been the industry leading manufacturer of resistance reflow soldering thermodes and hot bars for the thermocompression bonding industry for many years. Many customers find AIT because they are trying to save cost on consumable tooling, without sacrificing quality. AIT utilises a full climate-controlled inspection department to ensure high quality tools.  AIT markets a product line of resistance reflow soldering tools and welding electrodes, but still over 50% of their business is in custom-designed tools for thermocompression bonding applications.

  • AIT Reflow Soldering Thermodes

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