Welding Electrodes

Welding Electrodes Key Features

  • Parallel gap and opposed welding electrodes
  • Materials include Mo, W, CuW, CuCr & GlidCop
  • Low MOQ’s for design optimisation

Advanced Integrated Technologies ( AIT ) is the industry-leading manufacturer of resistance welding electrodes for all makes of welders, including Palomar/Hughes, Unitek, Avio, MacGregor, and Sunstone Engineering. Efficient manufacturing processes allow AIT to build very affordable electrodes, including parallel gap and opposed welding electrodes, in all RWMA materials. AIT’s standard product line of resistance welding electrodes covers a broad spectrum representing many applications. Despite the diversity of their product line, a very large percentage of custom work is still undertaken, building electrodes to the specification and design of the end user.

Micro resistance welding electrodes come in either square shank or round shank designs, which are built to match the electrode holder design. The round shank electrodes are either single point style used for opposed welding, or they are parallel gap electrodes which have a mirrored left and right side that both touch the weld target on the top side. Examples of this are AIT’s S20 and S23 style electrodes, which are equivalent to the Unitek Unibond C series electrodes. All other styles of micro resistance welding electrodes are square shank parallel gap, and are available either bonded to an insulator, or separate as two individual halves for customers who can set the gap spacing with their electrode holder.

The need to concentrate the welding current and pressure in the area in which the weld is desired often requires the use of special electrode shapes. This need is usually determined simply by examining the application at hand. AIT offers a wide variety of designs from its stock to provide resistance welding electrodes for most applications. These standard electrodes are furnished with either flat or slightly rounded (convex) tip surfaces. These tip surfaces are generally suited to many applications without further modifications. In applications where special tip shapes are desired to provide optimum results, AIT can build to your specifications.

  • AIT Welding Electrodes

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