Dage Hot Bump Pull Testing

What is Hot Bump Pull Testing (HBP) and how does it work? (IKB-031)

HBP Test Process

The HBP (Hot Bump Pull) test process involves the following phases:

  • Applying a test pin to the solder ball or bump under test
  • Heating the pin to melt and re-flow the solder onto the pin-tip
  • Cooling the pin and test site in a controlled manner to solidify the solder
  • Applying a vertical pull load (of up to 10kg) until the joint fails

HBP Test Applications

Typically, the HBP test method is used by substrate manufacturers during research and development in order to:

  • Remove the maximum amount of material possible from a bonding pad
  • Evaluate the strength of the various interconnecting materials
  • Test low profile or irregular shape samples where standard gripping techniques do not work

HBP testing is applicable to both traditional solder ball and flip chip bumps either bonded or formed by the deposition process and is also used to identify pad crater failures on the substrate side (IPC 9708). Generally, HBP testing is destructive. However, you can configure the test to be non-destructive if required.

Temperature / Time Profiles

Dage Paragon software provides accurate HBP test temperature control using a series of user-definable Temperature / Time Profiles.

A profile consists of six individually configured temperature/time points, defined as follows:

  1. T1 Warm-up 1 Initial temperature to ramp to in the specified duration
  2. T2 Hold 1 Duration to hold at the temperature defined in T1
  3. T3 Warm-up 2 Final temperature to ramp to in the specified duration
  4. T4 Hold 2 Duration to hold at the final temperature defined by T3
  5. T5 Cool 1 Initial temperature to cool to in the specified duration
  6. T6 Cool 2 Final temperature to cool to and the duration of the cooling period


  • Patented industry unique test solution
  • Up to 10kg tensile pull
  • Pneumatic clamping for rapid pin load and unload
  • Built in extraction to remove fumes from any flux used
  • Rugged design for reliable and reproducible load measurement
  • The HBP cartridge can apply the following range of pull loads:
    • Range 1 – 10kg
    • Range 2 – 5kg
    • Range 3 – 2.5kg
    • Range 4 – 1kg

Temperature / Time Profiles

Hot Bump Pull Test Process
Performing a HBP Test Cycle

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Matt Houston


20 November 2017


IKB031 Rev. 1