Providing fabrication, assembly and test equipment for research and production of semiconductor devices and related technologies. Inseto’s range of high-quality, innovative equipment from leading manufacturers is available throughout the UK, Ireland and the northern European regions.

For device fabrication, we are a leading supplier of wet benches for electro-plating, etching, cleaning and customised applications, lithography equipment for imprint, exposure, resist coating and development, quartz tube furnaces for oxidation or annealing, wafer bonders for temporary and permanent bonding and plasma ashing systems. In addition, we provide a range of wafer probe stations, inspection systems and microscopes.

For device assembly and quality assurance our equipment includes dicing and scribing systems, dispensing equipment, die bonders and sorters, sinter attach machines, wire bonders, plasma cleaners, vacuum solder reflow ovens, scanning acoustic microscopes, plus material testers for wire pull, bond and die shear testing.

Full technical support including process, operation and maintenance is provided, including training to maximise equipment performance, productivity and quality of results. Our certified training can be provided either on-site or at our UK training facility. All work is certified according to our ISO accreditation and procedures.

Inseto Equipment Division provides a range of high-quality, innovative equipment for device fabrication, assembly and test from leading manufacturers throughout the
UK, Ireland and the northern European regions.
Semiconductor Fabrication and Packaging Equipment

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