Die Bonder for Low Volume Applications: Amadyne EMU

EMU Key Features

  • Automatic die bonder for R&D and low volume production
  • Easy to operate and quick to program
  • Remote maintenance and application support
  • Automatic tool change (5 tool holders)
  • Die sort, flip chip, wafer eject, dispense, epoxy stamp etc.
  • Touchscreen TFT Interface
  • Working area 250x300mm
  • Manual load/unload batch configuration

The EMU from Amadyne is a standalone automatic die bonder designed for the batch assembly of microelectronic and related devices. Featuring short setup and changeover times, the system is very versatile and ideal for R&D through to low volume die attach and assembly operations.

The system utilises advanced image processing algorithms for component alignment and an intuitive graphical user interface for ease of programming, with operation via a 23″ TFT Monitor. 

A bond head with 360° rotation and integrated touchdown sensor features quick change pickup tool holders, with an optional five position tool bank for automated tool change-overs. Other features include a 250x300mm presentation level and 102mm of travel in the Z axis. Further capabilities include: adhesive dispense, epoxy stamping, eutectic soldering station, upward looking vision and inspection options etc.

The EMU is capable of assembling the widest range of devices, including Single-Chip, Multi-Chip, COB, Chip on Flex, Flip Chip, Chip on Chip etc.

The system features include:

  • Linux operating system with graphical user interface
  • Multi-function work-area 250x300mm
  • Pick up from tape strips, waffle pack, gel pack etc.
  • Die flip chip option
  • Dispensing, epoxy writing or epoxy stamp transfer
  • Integrated vision with upward and downward camera options
  • Manual operator driven or fully automatic assembly modes
  • Post place inspection
  • Remote maintenance system
  • Tracking of production data
  • Easy integration of customer specific processes
  • Amadyne EMU Flexible Die Bonder Equipment

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