Automatic Advanced Packaging Die Bonder Equipment: Amadyne fab¹

Amadyne fab¹ Key Features

  • Advanced packaging die bonder equipment
  • Suitable for die sorting and bar handling requirements
  • Flexible platform with excellent placement accuracy
  • For all die attach applications plus custom requirements
  • Large working area and small footprint (<1.2Msq)
  • Automatic tool change (15 tool holders)
  • Up to one 300mm or two 200mm wafer eject capability
  • Automated inline or batch configurations

The fab1 advanced packaging die bonder equipment for inline or batch processing, offers improved speed and accuracy and incorporates the very latest in motion control & software technology, whilst not compromising on flexibility. The system is housed inside a novel cabinet, which incorporates particulate control filters, system status illuminators and an exceptional working area for larger devices, which can also accommodate up to two wafers for parallel processing.

The fab¹ is a versatile automatic die attach system capable of handling an extensive range of components of different sizes, as well as for applying adhesives.

Flexibility, ease of operation and a wide variety of options in a compact footprint, permit the fabrication of standard and advanced micro-system devices. The equipment’s open architecture also permits non-standard and customised processes to be easily integrated.

The system is capable of batch or inline processing, with excellent user access for loading and unloading product. A sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) with expert panels for step by step guidance simplifies both programming and operation.

System features:

  • X,Y,Z & T handling of components
  • Standard & advanced packaging processes: COB, MCM, COC, FC, Flip Chip etc.
  • Single or double level systems with extensive working areas
  • Multiple input presentation formats: Wafer, SMT, Waffle, Carrier etc.
  • Handling non-standard components: Substrates, Lids, Carriers etc.
  • Multiple output presentation formats: PCB, Substrate, Packages, WP, Wafer, Boat etc.
  • Different methods for applying adhesives: stamping, jetting, dispensing etc.
  • Stand alone or In-line configurations
  • Heated substrate or pickup tooling available
  • Advanced graphical user Interface with OPT & CAD Import
  • Integrated clean environment with Filtration Flow Box
  • Automatic tool change with 15 positions
  • Magazine or presentation lifters
  • Open architecture with customization possible
  • Low cost of ownership

The fab modules also offer an extensive list of software and hardware features.

  • Amadyne FAB1 Advanced Packaging Die Bonder Equipment

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