Automatic Wafer Bumping Equipment by Kulicke & Soffa

PremierPLUS™ Key Features

  • Automatic Wafer Bumping Equipment
  • High Speed Stud Bump Bonding on up to 300 mm Wafers
  • Exceptional Wafer Bumping Placement Accuracy
  • Bump Bonds Gold Wire, Copper Wire or Silver Alloy Wire
  • Wafer Mapping For Bonding Only Known Good Die

The new AT PremierPLUS™ Wafer Bumping equipment from K&S offers many technological advantages that make it the ideal choice for a wide range of flip chip, bump bond applications.

Using industry-standard modelling, this new generation high-speed bump bonder is the clear cost-of-ownership leader in comparison to competitive stud bumping technology.

Features include:

  • Able to bump bond up to 300 mm diameter wafers, ceramics or substrates
  • Bond Placement Accuracy
  • – ±3.5µm @3 sigma (200mm work piece)
  • – ±5.0µm @3 sigma (300mm work piece)
  • Power Series Advanced Hardware and Software controls
  • Best-in-Class Low Temperature Gold Bumping
  • Improved Serviceability with easy access to lower console
  • Upgradeable Capabilities
  • Optional Copper or Silver Alloy capability and kits
  • Optional Basic Wire Bonding capability
  • Smallest footprint in the market

K&S AT PremierPLUS™ Wafer Bumper

The AT PremierPLUS™ takes stud bumping productivity to a whole new plateau enabling applications that were previously limited to mass solutions. Offering the fastest bumping speeds in the market along with the smallest footprint, AT Premier maximizes the use of resources and clean room space. Stud bumping on the AT Premier platform is flexible enough for rapid prototyping and scalable for production.

Its “premier” performance is highlighted by the following features: Quantum Leap in Bump Speed, Easy-to-Use & Robust Wafer Mapping, Low-Impact Force for Bond Control, Bump Shape Process Flexibility, Short Product Changeover Time, Smallest Footprint In The Market & Step-and-Repeat and Circle Teach Programming.

The AT Premier’s unique wafer mapping system helps you reduce production costs by bonding only known good die.

  • PremierPlus Automatic Ball Bumper Wire Bonder

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K&S ATPremierPS PLUS™ Brochure


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