Automatic Ball Bonder: RAPID Pro

K&S RAPID Pro Key Features

  • Fully Automatic Ball Bonder with Advanced Capabilities
  • Real-time Process and Performance Monitoring
  • Industry 4.0 Communication
  • Equipment Health Monitoring
  • Advanced Data Analytics and Traceability
  • Detection and Enhanced Post bond Inspection

RAPID™ Pro is the first in the new GEN-S Series, or Smart Generation of High Performance Ball Bonder from Kulicke and Soffa that introduces smart wire bonding capabilities.

RAPID Pro provides advanced wire bonding with real-time monitoring and diagnostics to ensure the highest yield possible for automotive, aerospace, defence, bio-medical and other high performance applications.

These advanced wire bonding capabilities includes:

Real-time Process & Performance Monitoring: Real-Time Process Monitoring (RPM) enhances the ball bonder’s ability to prevent failure and improve reliability. A new control system allows RPM to analyze internal signals that have a direct correlation to bond quality and bonder performance. RPM data is captured and analyzed in real-time by the bonder’s control system so the bonder can be stopped when process variation is detected. This information is also offers traceability of all data, for long-term analysis.

Equipment Health Monitoring: Real-time Equipment Health Monitoring of key subsystem health and performance, including: USG System, XYZ System, Temperature, Crosshair Offset, & Heatblock Height. Users can define limits for critical subsystem health indicators. The ball bonder will analyze trends in the data and provide Predictive Maintenance warnings.

Advanced Data Analytics & Traceability: Quickly access and visualize performance data for recent history of Ball deformation, ball diameter, ball placement,missing bonds, PRS alignment, Die Height, Placement, Rotation, and tilt.

Detection & Enhanced Post bond Inspection: Monitors, detects, and corrects bond placement errors. Eliminates operator errors during capillary change or during assist. Fully programmable inspection and sampling settings.

Latest Response Based Processes: Includes ProCu-6, ProAu-2, ProAg, PSP-Cu, PSP-Ag and ProCu Loop.

Features include:

  • 0.6 mil to 2.5 mil copper, silver, or gold wire
  • 35 μm inline bond pad pitch
  • Bond placement accuracy 2.0 μm at 3 sigma
  • Upward compatible with all standard processes from existing models
  • High performance X-Y-Z motion control system
  • On-board process optimization tools
  • Higher Resolution Progressive Scan Vision System
  • Optional Programmable Focus for High Magnification
  • Kulicke & Soffa RAPID Pro Ball Bonder

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K&S RAPID Pro Ball Bonder


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