Automatic Wedge Wire Bonders by Kulicke & Soffa

K&S is the world leading manufacturer of wire and ribbon bonding equipment for power semiconductors, power modules, batteries and hybrid electronic devices.

K&S wedge bonders ultrasonically bond round aluminium wires from 100 to 500 microns in diameter (4-20 mils) and use the PowerRibbon® process to ultrasonically bond aluminium ribbons from 500 x 100 to 2000 x 300 microns in cross-section (20 x 4 – 80 x 12 mils).

For over 45 years, K&S wedge bonder products have been recognized for exceptional performance, reliability, and excellent after-sales support. Its bonders are created to cater to industries’ needs of smaller, thinner, and denser semiconductor packages.

K&S - Kulicke and Soffa

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