Automatic Wedge Bonder: Asterion

Asterion Key Features

  • Advanced automatic wedge bonder
  • Ultrasonically bonds large wire, fine wire and ribbon
  • Faster cycle time with direct-drive XYZT motion system
  • High quality bonding and process monitoring capabilities
  • Large bondable area 300 x 300 mm
  • Standalone or inline configuration

The K&S “Asterion” Automatic Wedge Bonder is suitable for large wire, fine wire and power ribbon bonding of Hybrid Circuits, Semiconductor Devices, Sensors, Automotive Power Modules and Ultrasonic Bonding of Battery Packs etc.

The KnS wedge bonder is built on an enhanced architecture that includes an expanded bond area, robust pattern recognition capabilities and extremely tight process controls. Together these deliver heightened productivity, exceptional bonding quality, and reliability.

The enlarged bondable area enhances flexibility and reduces line integration costs. The Asterion wedge bonder is driven by a precise new direct-drive motion system that requires minimum maintenance and delivers high repeat-ability. Powerful new software features, like the graphical editor, make programming complex wire bonded devices easier, and multi-segmented bonding helps delivers an optimized wire bonding process.

KnS Asterion Wedge Bonder System features:

  • Small wire, large wire and power ribbon bonding capability
  • Advanced interconnects with optional configurable bond head (Cu, Al-Cu & ribbon)
  • Manual Load, multi-device and multi-lane material handling configurations
  • Loop Former option enables advanced square shaped loop profiles
  • Bond head set-up aid option (GBS)
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (Windows OS)
  • On-board bond process monitoring & SPC reporting
  • Automatic loop control option
  • Front or rear cut deep access bond heads

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