Ultrasonic Battery Bonder: Asterion SV™

Asterion SV Key Features

  • Automatic large area wedge bonder for battery production
  • Large bondable area 300 x 985 mm
  • Supports large wire spool formats for increased productivity
  • Faster cycle time with direct-drive XYZT motion system
  • High quality bonding and in-situ process monitoring capabilities
  • Standalone or automated inline configurations

The Asterion-SV™ ultrasonic battery bonder provides an increased bondable area for battery production, whilst utilising the proven architecture from the Asterion platform. With hundreds of systems installed worldwide, the Asterion-SV™ ultrasonic battery bonder is capable of bonding a wide range of battery types, delivering exceptional productivity, bonding quality and reliability.

Incorporating a precise direct-drive motion system that requires minimum maintenance and provides high control and repeatability, the systems enhanced bondable area also lowers line integration costs and enables the processing of multiple form factor products, with single or multi-lane automation.

The large wire spool capacity on the SV version reduces the mean time between changeovers, resulting in increased productivity, whilst industrial standard communication protocols and in-situ non-destructive pull tests support the latest integration and factory automation methods.

A sophisticated graphical editor and a library of advanced software features make programming and optimizing bonding processes, quick and easy.

Asterion-SV™ Battery Wedge Bonder, system features:

  • Bond cylindrical cell or prismatic batteries and packs
  • Ultrasonic bonding of 300-500 micron diameter wire
  • Manual Load, multi-device and multi-lane material handling configurations
  • Intuitive graphical user interface for quick and easy programming
  • On-board bond process monitoring & SPC reporting: factory 4.0
  • Automatic loop control option
  • High speed, high precision, high quality bonding
  • Extensive process know-how

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a review of the materials, production considerations and equipment capabilities required for wire bonding battery connections.

  • Battery Wire Bonder - K&S Asterion-SV

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