Ultrasonic Welder

Asterion UW Key Features

  • Automatic large area torsional welding system
  • Ultrasonic welder for leadframe and terminal connections
  • Automated bonding with integrated vision alignment
  • Faster cycle time with direct-drive XYZT motion system
  • Large bondable X-Y area: 300 x 255 mm
  • Standalone or automated inline configurations

The Asterion™UW ultrasonic welder is engineered with the latest architecture that includes a torsional ultrasonic system mounted on a highly reliable and fast direct-drive XY motion system.

These system along with the robust pattern recognition capabilities and extremely tight process controls, delivery heightened productivity, bonding quality and accuracy at the fastest speed. The large bondable area enhances flexibility and reduces line integration cost making it an ideal solution for hybrid-automotive and power module applications. 

KnS Asterion™-UW Ultrasonic Welder, system features:

  • The torsional ultrasonic system enables a deeper access to weld locations and has a wider clearance space compared to a longitudinal system
  • Linear motors used for the X, Y motion system provides the highest UPH and accuracy
  • Ball screw drive for the force and Z motion providing greater controlled force
  • Deep Access Capability is achievable with the 150mm Z-stroke and 120mm vertical clearance around the sonotrode
  • Asterion UW - Ultrasonic Welder

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Ultrasonic welding or power module leadframes and other microelectronic terminal interconnects. Ultrasonic welding of battery cells and packs.

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