Advanced Bond Tester & Micro Materials Test Equipment: DAGE 4000 Plus

Dage 4000 Plus Key Features

  • Multi-function Bond Test: Pull, Ball Shear, Die Shear, Tweezer Pull etc.
  • Micro-Materials Test: Flex Bend, Peel, Fatigue, Crush, Creep, Push-Pull etc
  • Vectored Pull Test, Cold & Hot Bump Pull Test
  • Interchangeable Cartridges or Multi-Function Cartridges
  • Patented air bearing technology for shear testing
  • Leading Step-back and Measurement Accuracy
  • Image and video capture, integrated with test results
  • DataSync™ Guaranteed data correlation – results across all platforms

Dage 4000 Plus Wafer Level Bond Tester overview

The Nordson DAGE 4000 Plus is the most advanced bond tester on the market. This next generation system represents the industry standard in bond testing and offers unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability of data, providing complete confidence in results. The 4000 Plus multi-purpose bond tester performs shear tests up to 200kg, pull tests up to 100kg and push tests up to 50kg, covering all test applications including new hot bump pull and fatigue applications.

  • Wire Pull Test & Vector Pull Testing
  • Tweezer Pull Test
  • Hot Bump Pull
  • Cold Bump Pump
  • Fatigue – Push/Pull Testing
  • Solder Ball Pull & Shear Test
  • Ball Bond Shear Testing
  • Wedge Bond Shear Test
  • Large Wire & Ribbon Shear
  • Lead Free Zone Shear & Component Shear
  • Die Shear & Stud Pull
  • Die Crush Testing
  • Cavity Shear Testing
  • Stacked Overhanging Die testing
  • Passivation Layer Testing
  • Materials Testing
  • Wafer Level testing etc.

Highly Versatile

A range of XY stages, with a 160mm XY stage as standard, meets a wide range of requirements. The image capture system for advanced analysis is quick to set-up and in close proximity to the test head aiding faster testing.

The standard 4000 Plus mainframe has a vertical working envelope of 120mm to meet the majority of application requirements however the Nordson DAGE 4000 Plus LE with an extended working envelope of 200mm is available for testing oversize parts.

Ultimate Step Back Accuracy

The 4000 Plus features the latest in bond testing technology, for example the anti-backlash system which aids setting and control of step back. Shear height can be set and maintained to single micron accuracy.

Data Correlation

Nordson DAGE recognizes that data correlation is fundamental for cross referencing test results between old and new platforms. Existing users of Nordson DAGE bond testers (4000 and 5000) can confidently compare data between old and new machines. Further, we know that many users collect data on the same product from multiple machines, either on the same site or even different sites, and need to be sure that the data will correlate with ultimate integrity given identical configurations and test parameters.

Intelligent Software

The 4000 Plus utilizes Paragon™ software which boasts a highly configurable and intuitive interface as well as a wide variety of advanced functionality such as automatic GR&R calculation, built-in diagnostics, a unique database search engine wizard and superior reporting.

  • 4000 Plus Multi Function Bond Tester

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