Automated Bond Tester: DAGE 4600

Dage 4600 Key Features

  • Fiducial alignment for parent and sub-surfaces
  • Correction for tool concentricity
  • Abnormal test detection
  • Automated debris removal
  • Wizard guides for simplified programming
  • Step and repaet test patterns
  • Multi-function test cartridges
  • SECS/GEM communication
  • Image capture for failure mode analysis

Nordson DAGE 4600 Automated Bond Tester overview

The 4600 Bondtester automates the traditional manual bond testing processes, including wire pull, bond shear and cold-bump pull of microelectronic and semiconductor devices, in order to reduce handling errors and increase the efficiency of the quality assurance process.

The system utilises high-accuracy positioning stages with sub-micron resolution-repeatability, advanced optics and a sophisticated graphical user interface with easy-to-use automation software, to provide operator free testing of simple through multi-surface complex products with ease.

Camera assisted programming & Automation

Ultimate accuracy using on-board cameras with live images during testing with high resolution field of view and alignment cameras, plus fiducial images for automatic alignment. Image capture tool after test for failure analysis, includes compound surface imaging (CSI) that scans through a Z-stack to get every point in focus.

Multi-Function Cartridges (MFC’s)

Multiple versions available (e.g. Hybrid – Shear 250g, Pull 1Kg & Pull 10Kg; Semi – Shear 250g, Shear 5Kg & Pull 100g). Configurable with cold bump pull (CBP) and rotational shear. Frictionless pull & patented air bearing technology for shear testing. Safety park position, protects the transducers inside the cartridge when not in use.

Paragon Graphical User Interface Software

Quick and easy to use with flexible analysis and reporting. Built in check lists & help. Schematic virtual images displayed Automation assisted GUI.

Test Methods Include:

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Automated Semiconductor Defect Analysis & Process Characterisation, Wire Bond Pull Testing, Validation Of Process & Machine Setup, In Process Quality Control, Wire Bond Strength Analysis, Bond Shear Strength Checks, Bump Test, Cold-Pull Testing etc.

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