Wire Pull Test: Microelectronic Devices

Wire Pull Test Overview:

  • Pull Testing Fine & Large Wire Diameters
  • Manual and Automated Wire Pull Testing
  • Test Wire and Ribbons
  • Vector Pull Test
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Test According to MIL-STD-883 Standards

Wire pull test is used as a process control method to determine 1st and or 2nd bond adhesion. Ideally, wires should break mid-span when pull tested but loop height, bond quality, bonding method and to a lesser degree operator or hook type, will all influence the test results.

The principle behind basic wire bond pull testing, is positioning of a hook underneath the wire and pulling in the Z axis either until the bond breaks (destructive testing) or a pre-defined force is reached (non-destructive testing).

Wire bond testing is covered by the external standard MIL-STD-883 (Methods 2011.7 for destructive testing and 2023.5 for non-destructive). Nordson DAGE bondtesters fully conform to or exceed these standards. The standards contain specifications for acceptance or rejection criteria.

Pull testing is performed on:

  • Fine wire diameters (typically 12.5 to 75 micron)
  • Large wire diameters (typically 100 to 500 micron)
  • Ribbons (typically up to 2000 x 250 microns)

Pull test Cartridges are available that cover a range of pull forces and allow destructive or non-destructive testing. An appropriate hook should also be used, which in the case of wire bonds, is a minimum of 2x the wire diameter being tested.

Vector wire pull testing simulates a perpendicular test angle between the two wire bonds, when the surface heights for each bonds are different. This is achieved by coordinating the X-Y and Z axis of the wire pull tester, so the test is performed at the required optimized angle.

Small geometry (Ultra Fine Pitch) applications are becoming more and more popular and as such Nordson DAGE offers wire pulling test equipment specifically for this function.

A wire pull test can be performed manually or semi-automatically to a pre-programmed test routine.

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