Micro Materials Test Equipment: Prospector

Prospector Key Features

  • True multi-function Micro Materials Test Equipment platform
  • Electrical, Acoustic, Mechanical, Thermal and Optical Test Integration
  • Scratch, Bend & Twist, Creep, Bend, Crush, Push, Shear, Pull Test etc.
  • Plug & play testing capability – Quick changeover in seconds
  • Incorporate external instruments and analogue signals in real time
  • Dynamically heat samples during mechanical testing from -50°C to 155°C
  • Cylindrical-multi-axis force testing; controlled force or displacement in X, Y & Z
  • Acoustic measurement options for hard to resolve material failure modes
  • Integrated optics for high magnification image / video capture of test samples

Nordson DAGE Prospector overview

The Dage Prospector is the most advanced micro materials test equipment on the market; allowing users to perform all their mechanical tests on one platform, with a full complement of interchangeable test modules providing the capability to perform any mechanical test on a new sample immediately.

Micro Materials Testing

The Prospector from Dage supports a variety of Micro (>100um) materials applications helping you define the correct failure modes and define your quality requirements.  Typical applications include:

  • Composites, Plastic and Fibres
  • Connectors
  • Coatings & Thin Films
  • Flexible Electronics
  • Micro Electronics
  • 5G PCB Boards & Components
  • Materials Testing

One Machine, Every Test

Multiple tests can be performed by simply changing to a new test module. You can complete multiple tests in minutes, without needing to move or reposition your device.  And with the Prospector’s customisable XY table, work-holders and fixtures can be added to the system easily providing even greater sample selection from the standard Prospector platform.

  • Prospector Thermo Mechanical Testing

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Automated Semiconductor Defect Analysis & Process Characterisation, Wire Bond Pull Testing, Validation Of Process & Machine Setup, In Process Quality Control, Wire Bond Strength Analysis, Bond Shear Strength Checks, Bump Test, Cold-Pull Testing etc.

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