Wafer Level Bond Tester: DAGE 4800

Dage 4800 Key Features

  • Compatible with applicable 4000 & 4000Plus Cartridges
  • Patented Air Bearing Technology for Shear Testing
  • Precise Alignment for Small Geometries
  • Automated Debris Removal
  • Flexible Wafer Map Creation
  • Manual Load or Integrated Wafer Handling
  • Warped and Thin Wafer Capability
  • Extensive Software for Reporting and Analysis
  • Vision systems for Manual and Automated Testing

Dage 4800 Wafer Level Bond Tester overview

The Nordson DAGE 4800 is at the forefront of manual through automated wafer bond testing technology, catering for the shear and bump testing of wafers from 200mm up to 450mm. 

Utilizing proven technology from the 4000Plus Model, the most advanced bond tester on the market, the 4800 is a truly unique wafer level bond tester. In addition, existing cartridges, where applicable, used on the 4000 and 4000Plus bondtesters are also compatible with the 4800 system. Test methods include bump shear, bump pull, hot bump pull, device shear etc.

Intuitive and intelligent Nordson DAGE Paragon™ software provides the ultimate flexibility for the creation and mapping of wafers, enabling quick and precise setup of test patterns. The virtual images for each test pattern enable easy editing.  

Integration with a wafer handler transforms the Nordson DAGE 4800 into a fully automated system ensuring reliable and repeatable operation. This integration provides several benefits including the automated loading of warped, thin or bowed wafers. The system also supports multiple wafer sizes subject to specification.

Ultimate Shear Height Accuracy

Control of shear height (step back) is critical to consistent test results. Nordson DAGE’s unique patented anti-backlash system aids setting and control of step back. Shear height can be set and maintained to single micron accuracy across the range of load cartridges. On the S25G load cartridge the step back accuracy is +/- 0.25 microns. The accuracy is qualified through laser measurement.

Flexible Wafer Map Creation

Nordson DAGE Paragon™ test software provides the ultimate flexibility for wafer map creation enabling quick and precise set-up of test patterns; with virtual images for each test pattern allowing for easy editing. The software also boasts a highly configurable and intuitive interface, built-in diagnostics, a unique database search engine wizard and superior reporting.

Wafer Chuck Features

Secure wafer placement is assured due to the wafer being fully supported at the edges which eliminates lateral movement. The Paragon™ software also provides feedback on the vacuum clamping pressures therefore preventing damage to the wafer.

  • 4800 Wafer Level Bond Tester

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