Fully Automatic Dicing Systems 7220 Series

7220 Series Key Features

  • Unique wafer handling system streamlines productivity
  • Continuous digital magnification system for optimal vision setup
  • Special algorithm predicts blade wear rates
  • Blade wear algorithm reduces height measurements & increases UPH
  • Touch panel display supports a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI)
  • Atomized wafer cleaning technology for superior process results
  • Dedicated dressing cassette enables automatic blade dressing
  • Built-in Inspection tray allows for in-process quality assessment

With advanced architecture and sophisticated process control tools, the 7220 models deliver substantially higher productivity compared to existing dicing systems, while minimizing the cost of operation. The system offers a wide range of advanced automation and process monitoring options to meet the requirements of your most challenging dicing applications.

The 7220 series is available in configurations for IC wafer applications, package dicing or hard material applications, with systems available for up to 300mm (12″) substrates / wafers, models include:

The 7222 is optimised for dicing a variety of products up to 200mm diameter, such as: Silicon wafers, Thin-film devices, High-brightness LED packages, SAW filters, Glass wafers, IR filters & PZT transducers etc. for The system features a 1.2 KW, 2″ Air-bearing spindle, DC-brushless up to 60krpm. It is compatible with 2″- 3″ hub and annular blades.

The 7223 is a higher power (2.4 KW) version of the 7222 system, ideal for package singulation and IC dicing applications.

The 7224 is a high power automatic dicing system that is optimized for thick and hard materials including: Ceramic substrates, Alumina (LTCC, HTCC) & Hybrids etc. It features a 4″ Air-bearing spindle, DC- brushless, up to 2.5KW at 30krpm and is compatible with 4″ and 5” annular blades.

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