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Advanced Dicing Technologies Ltd. (ADT) is a leading dicing saw manufacturer, developing and producing dicing saws and related equipment used worldwide to dice and scribe semiconductor wafers and other hard material’s, including glass, ceramic substrates, ferrite, MEMS and for package singulation.

ADT produces an extensive range of manually through semi and fully automatic dicing equipment to suit a wide range of application requirements, from semiconductor research and development, through to medium and high volume production applications.

Systems are used for precision cutting of glass, sapphire and ceramic components from 50mm diameter, through 300mm silicon and compound semiconductor wafers. A large area system enables substrates and panels up to 450x600mm to be diced or scribed.

With high power machines for cutting thicker and harder materials, single or dual spindle configurations and spindles mounted either perpendicular or tilted to the samples being cut, ADT offer the most comprehensive range of manual and semi-automatic dicing saw’s, models include:

ADT - Advanced Dicing Technologies: Manufacturer of Wafer Dicing Equipment and Dicing Blades

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Dicing Semiconductor Wafers and Cutting Hard Materials, Cutting Precision Metal Parts, Dicing Thin Film Substrates, Cutting Ferrites, Scribing & Dicing Ceramic Components, Cutting Glass & Glass Filters, Dicing MEMS, Package Singulation etc., PCB Assembly Industries, Universities Wafer Processing, Passive Component Manufacturing, Separating Medical Devices

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Semiconductor Production, Military & Aerospace, Telecommunications, Medical Electronics, Fibre Optics / Photonics, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Back-end Assembly, PCB Assembly Industries, Universities, Passive Component Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Glass Device Processing

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