966 Manual Wafer Mounter

966 Key Features

  • Versions for up to 200mm and 300mm wafers
  • Chuck dependant, process round or square substrates & panels
  • Uniform mounting without air bubbles
  • Compatible with UV or regular tapes
  • Built-in reeling and removal of UV tape backing
  • Engraved chuck markings aid substrate alignment
  • Compatibility with all film frames; linear & circular tape cutting

The 966 Manual Wafer Mount System from ADT is a small footprint machine for bubble-free mounting wafers or other substrates onto standard or UV tapes.

Model dependant, work-pieces up 200mm (966) or 300mm (966L) are quickly and easily processed.  Where UV tape is used, backing tape is automatically re-spooled.

The system incorporates a configurable wafer chuck with optional soft contact materials for thin or fragile wafers, plus a non-contact mode for sensitive wafers. Other chucks are available for multi-panel or custom requirements. 

Compatible with all frame types, an array of engraved chuck markings simplifies work-piece to frame alignment and where metallic frames are used, magnets hold the frame in-place during operation.

Features include:

  • Handles wafers up to 200mm or 300mm
  • Compact, table-top design
  • Controlled- temperature platen
  • Built-in vacuum generator
  • Uniform tape tensioning
  • Adjustable Spring-Loaded Platen
  • Custom chucks
  • UV tape liner removal
  • Bubble free Mounting
  • Optional non-contact mode

966 – 200mm Wafer Mounter Specifications

Max. wafer size:

Ø 200 mm*

Max. tape width:

300 mm

Plate heating:

Up to 80°C

Dimensions (WxDxH):

304 x 800 x 394 mm

Approx. weight:

30 kg

966L – 300mm Wafer Mounter Specifications

Max. wafer size:

Ø 300 mm*

Max. tape width:

400 mm

Plate heating:

Up to 80°C

Dimensions (WxDxH):

330 x 1000 x 560 mm

Approx. weight:

60 kg

*Refers to standard models

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