927 Water Recycling System

927 Water Recycling System Key Features

  • Reduced Water Consumption by up to 95%
  • Low Maintenance Self Cleaning Filter
  • Low Environmental Impact via Water Re-circulation
  • Supports up to 3 ADT Dicing Saws Simultaneously

The model 927 Water Recycling System from Advanced Dicing Technologies has been specifically developed to provide a machine capable of supplying uniform flow of clean water for dicing, to optimise your process and keep running costs to a minimum.

Drain water from the dicing machine flows by gravity to the 927 recycling unit where the water is filtered and solids are separated (including fine silicon particulates and ceramic dust).  The purified water is then pumped around the high efficiency heat exchanger to maintain a steady state temperature before sending the water back to the dicing system for cutting.

The compact unit comprises a self-cleaning filtration unit, eliminating the need to change filter cartridges making the system maintenance easier and more cost effective.  The 927 has a high capacity, able to support up to three full time dicing saws from one machine. Additional options are also available for the system to further meet customer water supply requirements:

  • Conductivity Sensing Kit
  • Surfactant Dispenser
  • DI Water recycling Module
  • UV Purification Module

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