Laser Trimming Equipment For Thick and Thin Film Circuits

Key Features

  • Proven Laser Trimming Equipment
  • Trim Thick Film Circuits
  • Trim Thin Film Circuits
  • Trim related SMT and PCB Devices
  • Active and Passive Trimming
  • Manual or Automated Loading
  • Easy to programme and operate

Laser trim system for adjusting thin- and thick film, as well as hybrid and SMT circuits by active and passive trimming of resistors, capacitors and inductive circuits is available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic configurations.

Passive Trimming allows the user to adjust the value of a printed resistor by removing material until a desired resistance is achieved.

In Active Trimming (also called Functional Trimming), the overall output of the system is continuously monitored (such as DC or AC voltage, oscillator output frequency or switching threshold) against a nominal programmed value; the laser stops automatically when the system reaches this user defined limit.

Model dependent, system features include:

  • XY stage with 330 mm x 630 mm
  • System resolution of 1 um
  • Motorised or manual z axis
  • 532 or 1064nm wavelength laser source
  • Laser spot size of 10 -40 microns and ns or ps pulse length upto 6W average
  • Programmable Trim cuts profiles including P, L, J, D , Meander and Symmetrical shave cut.
  • Vision system includes Edge detection, area search and fiducial finder, programmable illumination
  • Software is Windows 10 based with LabView for programme generation and in built measurement
  • Supports a large range of probe cards

Options include:

  • Flying Probes
  • Hybrid systems using both probe card and flying probes

  • Laser Trim Equipment

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Acitve and passive trimming of thick film and thin film circuits.

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Microelectronics, Hyrbid Circuit Production, Resistor Network Fabrication, RF and Microwave Circuits, Inductive Devices, Capacitive Devices, other hybrid and SMT related circuits.

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