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SUSS Microtec offers inkjet printing equipment as an additional coating technique to complement their existing coat and develop technologies. Inkjet printing is an additive manufacturing technology capable of precisely applying functional materials for a variety of applications.

Inkjet printing allows for the precise dispensing of pico-litre sized droplets of a functional material from a digital file. These functional materials can have dielectric, conductive, adhesive, mechanical, optical or chemical properties.

Inkjet is a versatile non-contact deposition technology, with a typical distance between the substrate and the inkjet head of just under 1 mm, so there is little risk of damaging fragile substrates. It can be used for direct material deposition for patterned and homogeneous coatings an also as a 3D printing method. Inkjet additionally addresses the challenges faced by more traditional techniques such as screen printing, when trying to deposit on top of existing 3D topology and fill trenches and cavities.

Functional inkjet printing is ideally suited to a range of applications including printed electronics, displays, OLED, sensors, PCBs, semiconductor assembly, chemical machining, photovoltaics, life science and optics. Inkjet printing can create fine features down to 20 micron, and compliment techniques such as lithography, screen printing, spray coating and dispensing. Inkjet printing removes the need for masks and screens, significant saves functional material usage and enables short product changeover times.

The industrial printheads offered by SUSS MicroTec have numerous parallel nozzles, and operate at very high frequencies, inkjet achieves very high throughput. The SUSS mass production inkjet printers can hold arrays of multiple printheads, enabling high productivity and flexibility whilst the research and engineering printer excels in flexibility and process control.

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Printing conductive patters, dielectric / protection coatings and printing of masking layers.

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Research and Development, Semiconductor, PCB, Printed Electronics, Photo Voltaic, Display and Pharmaceuticals

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