Imprint Lithography

Imprint Lithography Key Features

  • SUSS MicroTec Imprint Lithography Equipment (SMILE)
  • Extensive Imprint Expertise & Centre of Excellence
  • Imprint Solutions for R&D to Production
  • Small pieces through Full Area Imprint Solutions at 300 mm

SUSS MicroTec offers imprint lithography, with technology tailored to the specific process requirements of different applications.

All imprint solutions are based on SUSS MicroTec’s proven, industry standard semi-automated mask aligner suite and support multiple substrate materials and sizes from small pieces up to 300mm wafers.

Using the high precision capabilities of SUSS MicroTec’s mask aligners provides several advantages to the imprint process; accurate stamp to substrate alignment, precise stamp to substrate levelling (via WEC); contact pressure control; convenient process recipe editing all within SUSS MicroTec’s standard aligner software.    

SMILE:  Highly flexible technology for large-area patterning of wafers and substrates By adapting to particular applications, the tooling presents different process capabilities:

•          MICRO-PATTERNING: An optically tailored resist is dispensed as a puddle on the substrate surface.  By moving the substrate in contact with the stamp, the resist spreads radially between the substrate and stamp stack, filling the 3D patterning of the stamp.

•          NANO-PATTERNING: A flexible stamp is bent at the centre and brought into contact with the substrate coated with resist. Contact wave extends radially to the substrate’s outer edge.  As a final step the resist solidifies (for example via UV illumination).  The stack is then separated and the negative of the pattern features remains in the resist on the substrate.  

Accurate wedge error compensation and gap setting are therefore crucial factors for imprint lithography. The SUSS mask aligner platform provides an active wedge error compensation system that employs piezo-electric linear actuators, a highly accurate gap measurement system and a force detector. This accomplishes exact lateral and axial alignment of stamp to substrate.

STAMP FABRICATION: Stamps for Nano- and Micro- Imprint processes can be manufactured in SUSS MicroTec’s UV-SFT8 stamp fabrication tool. Curing of the stamp material can be thermally driven or optically UV activated, depending on the process flow required an materials needed. 

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a guide to the basics of micro and nano imprint lithography.

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