MA/BA Gen4 Series Mask Aligner

MA/BA Gen4 Series Key Features

  • Small Footprint Design
  • Contact Modes: Proximity, Soft, Hard & Vacuum
  • Uniformity < 2.5% (200mm)
  • Alignment Method: Top Side (TSA), Bottom Side (BSA) & IR
  • Manually Assisted, Automatic & Direct Wafer Alignment
  • Processes pieces from 5x5mm up to 200mm Diameter Wafers

The MA/BA Gen 4 series is the latest generation of mask aligner and bond aligner for research and development or small volume production from SUSS MicroTec. 

The MA/BA Gen 4 is available in two versions, the MABA6 Gen4 for processing pieces up to 150mm wafers / substrates, or the MABA8 Gen4, for processing pieces up to 200mm wafers / substrates. Used in the fabrication of photonic devices for bio-photonics and in the development of novel quantum dot displays, the MA/BA Gen4 is a flexible mask aligner suitable for R&D and limited volume manufacturing environments.

A compact ergonomic design, coupled with SUSS MicroTec’s intuitive alignment software and sophisticated data-logging capability, make exposure processes setup and adjustment simple, minimising costly process errors.

The MA/BA Gen 4 now comes with SUSS MicroTec’s patented MO exposure optics integrating High Resolution (HR) and Large Gap Optics (LGO) into a single, plug & play optical setup. 

Traditional Mercury lamp houses can be exchanged LED lights sources, which not only reduce maintenance and operational costs, but provide an energy efficient, environmentally sound alternative to toxic Mercury Bulbs.

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