MA8 Gen5 Imprint Mask Aligner

MA8 Gen5 Key Features

  • R&D through Small Scale Production Mask Aligner
  • Expose Wafers up to 200mm & Substrates up to 200 x 200 mm
  • Process 5 x 5 mm Pieces Upwards and Partial Wafers
  • Enhanced SUSS levelling system
  • One tool covering micro- and nano -imprinting

The compact, easy to use MA8 Gen5 is a manually loaded system that sets the benchmark in semiconductor submicron Research and Microsystems Production, especially in full-field imprint lithography applications.

High degree of automation of the MA8 Gen5 imprint platform enables high control over the process results and adjustment precision. Top Side, Bottom Side and Infrared alignment capabilities coupled with SUSS MicroTec’s Direct Align overlay and pattern recognition systems reliably and repeatedly produce the alignment accuracies customers demand.

The Gen5 series mask aligners provide a lithography solution for MEMS & NEMS, 3D integration and compound semiconductor markets, particularly focussing on imprint applications in the field of LED, micro-optics, augmented reality and opto-electronic sensors using the innovative and renowned SMILE technology. It is also able to handle processes such as bond alignment and fusion bonding and UV stacking.

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UV Lithography, Wafer Bond Alignment, Wafer Bonding

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Wafer level chip-scale packaging, flip chip packaging, bumping, MEMS, LED, power devices, optical components and compound substrates and other semiconductor related device R&D applications

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