MA100/150e Gen2 Automatic Mask Aligner

MA100/150e Gen2 Key Features

  • High Volume Automated Mask Aligner
  • Optimised for up to 100 (4″) or 150mm (6″) wafers
  • Simultaneous handling of 3 wafers allows > 145 wafer per hour
  • Alignment functions for scribed, transparent or textured wafers
  • SUSS Diffraction Reducing Optics for optimal print resolution
  • Non-contact Pre-Align & Flat Finders
  • Process Single Wafers or Wafers on Carrier Substrates

The SUSS MicroTec MA100/150e Gen2 was developed to support various high volume market segments, such as HB-LEDs, Compound Semiconductors, Power Devices and RF-MEMS.  

The system is optimised for wafers up to 150mm in diameter and offers exceptional process scalability with an industry leading throughput of 145 wafers per hour; including alignment and exposure times.  

Alignment accuracy of < ± 0.7um is readily achievable with the SUSS MicroTec Direct-Align function, while the optional BSA can achieve < ±1.5um.  

For scribe line applications, SUSS MicroTec have a sophisticated “Line Alignment” function for precise alignment of pre-scribed glass wafers to the photo mask, without need of traditional wafer targets.

  • MA150e Gen2 Automatic Mask Aligner

MA100/150e Gen2 Automatic Mask Aligner Technical Downloads


SUSS MicroTec MA100/150e Gen2 Series Mask Aligner Datasheet


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