MA12 Operator Assisted Mask Aligner

MA12 Key Features

  • Cost efficient 300 mm exposure tool
  • High intensity exposure optics
  • Contact Modes: Proximity, Soft, Hard, Vacuum
  • Uniformity < 3.5% (300mm)
  • Alignment Method: TSA, BSA, IR
  • Diffraction Reducing Exposure Optics (HR & LGO)

The MA12 from SUSS Microtec is a high precision manual tool for processing 300mm wafers or up to 300x300mm substrates.  

Based on SUSS Microtec’s latest mask aligner technology the system provides a wealth of alignment capabilities with superior optical performance and high overlay accuracy required for 300mm wafers and substrates.  The MA12 mask aligner has been designed with the production of MEMS devices on large substrates and advanced packaging applications in mind.

SUSS Microtec’s MA12 is a high precision tool suited device development and production environments; the operator-assisted system maintains a high degree of process control and reliability in combination with the advantages of manual wafer handling.

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