MJB4 Mask Aligner

MJB4 Key Features

  • Compact UV mask aligner
  • Process pieces (5x5mm) to wafers up to 100mm
  • Ideal for laboratory, R&D and small scale production
  • Soft, hard, vacuum & soft-vacuum contact modes
  • Exceptional uniformity, repeat-ability & reliability
  • High-resolution printing down to 0.5 microns
  • LED or mercury lamp-house options
  • Kit for UV-nano-imprint lithography

The compact design of the SUSS Microtec MJB4 Mask Aligner provides the perfect solution for laboratories, research environments and pilot production, with print resolutions down to 0.5 microns

Developed to provide leading levels of exposure for small substrates, pieces and wafers up to 100mm, the MJB4 provides an economical answer where high precision and resolution in the sub-micron range are required, on a reliable, stable and robust platform. Applications include developing novel sensing platforms & battery technologies and in the fabrication of next generation communication devices such as 5G and photonic systems.

The system is designed for the processing of fragile, warped or part wafers and pieces from a few millimeters up to 100mm diameter. Precision alignment is achieved with either split or single field microscopes with an optional IR alignment system for backside features, whilst a Wedge Error Compensation (WEC) provides optimal parallelism between substrate and mask. 

The patented UV250/300/400 Broadband diffraction reducing optics feature fast switching between different wavelengths. An optional LED Lamphouse with light uniformity <2.5%, is switchable for Broadband or G, H & I lines as required.

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UV Lithography, Exposure and Printing of Semiconductor Wafers and other Substrates

Industry Segments

Wafer level chip-scale packaging, flip chip packaging, bumping, MEMS, LED, power devices, optical components and compound substrates and other semiconductor related device R&D applications

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