Photomask Equipment by SÜSS MicroTec

SUSS MicroTec’s suite of Wafer / Reticule cleaning and Photomask fabrication equipment; wafer and mask cleaning systems with both semi and fully automatic processing capabilities.

Fully automated mask fabrication equipment including bake, clean and develop, from standard through to EUVL and NIL requirements.

SÜSS Microtec

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UV Lithography, Wafer Resist Coating with Spin, Spray or Puddle Dispense, Resist Developing, Wafer Cleaning, Metal Layer Lift Off, Baking, Wafer Prime etc.

Industry Segments

Wafer level chip-scale packaging, flip chip packaging, bumping, MEMS, LED, power devices, optical components and compound substrates and other semiconductor related device R&D applications

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United Kingdom and Ireland

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