HMxSquare Photo-mask Cleaner

HMxSquare Key Features

  • Semiautomatic Photo Mask cleaning system
  • Manual load with automatic sequential processing
  • SEMI Certified and qualified for >1μm technology nodes
  • High up-time and low Cost of Ownership
  • Mask / substrate clean, develop, etch & strip
  • For pieces up to either 9” or 14” Masks & 3-14” square substrates
  • Advanced safety features
  • Small footprint and lost cost of ownership

The HMxSquare photo mask cleaner from SUSS MicroTec, is available in two models:

HMx9 – For cleaning up to 9” Masks, 50–200 mm diameter wafers, 3–9 inch square substrates and pieces

HMx14 – For cleaning up to 14” Chrome and chrome oxide photomask, 100-300mm wafers and 5–14 square substrates (other on request).

With a minimal cleanroom footprint, the systems are SEMI S2, S8, S13 compliant and designed for high-quality mask or substrate cleaning and the mask fabrication develop, clean and etch processes in the 3 µm – 250 nm technology nodes.

The HMxSquare is manually loaded with automatic sequential processing. With worldwide reference sites the systems combine stability and reliability to provide optimum results and a low cost of ownership.

The equipment is designed to comply with the latest environmental and safety regulations and is available with full-jet spray nozzle dispense with pre-heated media,  front-side and back-side rinse, integrated acid-chemical storage, automatic chemical refill, brush, megasonic or binary spray and interchangeable chucks etc.

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