Remanufactured Equipment – SÜSS Reman

SUSS Reman Key Features

  • Six Month Warranty
  • Safety Feature Upgrades to Current Standards
  • Factory Acceptance Testing to New Equipment Specifications
  • Long Term Spare Part Availability
  • Field Service and Telephone Support

Remanufactured Equipment – SÜSS Reman

SUSS Reman offer remanufactured equipment for semiconductor production and micro-structuring from the complete line of SUSS Microtec products.  This includes currently available equipment as well as machines that after serving our customers reliably for many years have been remanufactured and recertified.

SUSS Microtec engineers have been carefully designed wafer processing equipment for extended use for decades.  Service life in excess of 15 years is not uncommon making SUSS MicroTec an excellent return on investment.  Year after year SUSS MicroTec equipment proves its quality, reliability and durability.  In fact machines manufactured by the “Karl Süss Company” (Which became SUSS MicroTec in 1999), are still highly regarded throughout the semiconductor industry worldwide.

The division SUSS Reman is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for remanufactured, pre-owned machines. Customers looking to expand production capacities with the addition of equipment from an earlier generation that matches their existing system, thus ensuring a reliable transfer of existing processes, can choose a system bearing the SUSS MicroTec Reman brand.

Remanufactured Equipment - SÜSS Reman

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