Wafer Bonder by SÜSS MicroTec

SUSS MicroTec develop and manufacture a full range of wafer bonder, including manual equipment for R&D and pilot production, through semi to fully automatic models for production level bonding.

The range of permanent and non-permanent equipment is designed for MEMS, advanced packaging, 2.5 & 3D integration, power devices and led applications, plus de-bonders for thin wafer applications.

Capabilities include low-high force bonding, anodic bonding, thermo-compression bonding, eutectic bonding, glass frit bonding, fusion & adhesive bonding etc.

SÜSS Microtec

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Wafer and Substrate Lithography, Wafer Coating and Cleaning Processes of Micro-Fluidic Devices, Power Semiconductors, MEMS Devices, Compound & GaN, Photonic Components etc.

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Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication, University Research and Development

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